Y V A N + R O B Y N

A Totem Wedding


In collaboration with Liat aharoni, Marjorie Campbell & the lily Guild (2016)

On September 24th, 2016 our co-founders YVAN + ROBYN tied the knot at Hart House in Toronto Ontario. The wedding was a grand success and a beautiful example of how the founders of Totem Design Co. work together and collaborate with others.


The project began when the couple worked with Liat Aharoni on their engagement shoot. YVAN + ROBYN hand-crafted papier mache masks of their 'Totem Animals' and wore them during the creative shoot in High Park at sunrise. The masks were detailed in lace, feathers and hand-painted pieces of canvas.

YVAN + ROBYN at dawn wearing their Totem masks. Photo by Liat Aharoni, 2016

Photo by Liat Aharoni, 2016


Working with The Lily Guild, Totem Design Co. creative directed the flowers, bouquet, head-dress and boutonnieres for the event. Carefully selecting ribbon, feathers and inspirational reference images, Totem Design Co. shaped the floral vision for the day. Lily Guild's Dominika Salon successfully executed Totem's vision for the flowers in the most elegant way.

A gorgeous bouquet of crepe paper flowers, an air plant, succulent, dahlias, pheasant and peacock feathers.  Photo by Liat Aharoni, 2016

Photo taken by Liat Aharoni, 2016

Photo taken by Liat Aharoni, 2016

Photo taken by Liat Aharoni, 2016

Photo taken by Liat Aharoni, 2016

A Forest Installation as the altAr

Totem Design Co. teamed up with Marjorie Campbell and The Lily Guild to build an unforgettable forest installation as the altar. Marjorie Campbell created beautiful free-standing birch tree clusters with naked branches reaching over twelve feet high. The clusters surrounded Totem's handwoven Empire Rug which was the colourful heart of the altar and acted as the stage for the wedding. The Lily Guild tied everything together by installing live ferns, moss and taxidermy over top of the draped green fabric Totem Design Co. had tailored to disguise the cement bases of the trees. The overall effect was breathtaking in the large vaulted ceiling of the Debates Room at Hart House in The University of Toronto.


Totem Design Co. wanted to know every guest's Totem Animal and spent many hours drawing these special Totem Animal portraits for their guests. Over 80 animals were drawn, and it turned into an incredible personalized collection of artwork created by TDC's founders YVAN + ROBYN.