In collaboration with slash (2015)

We recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with SLASH from Guns & Roses. On a chance meeting our co-founder Robyn Waffle introduced herself and showed SLASH some of her past rug designs. He immediately showed interested and asked Robyn if she could produce one of his most coveted images in a hand-knotted rug. Robyn eagerly agreed and Totem Design Co. began designing and producing SLASH's one-of-kind Apocalyptic Love Rug. Due to the level of detail and figurative nature of the image, it took Robyn weeks to translate it into a weave-able design and our partners in Nepal almost one year to perfect the hand-knotted rug. The finished rug holds great power and impact in the quality and edgy nature of the design. SLASH came to Toronto one year later to meet with us again and retrieve his incredible rug. When we unrolled the luminous wool, silk and hemp rug for him, he exclaimed "I have never seen anything like this before!" It was a moment to remember.

The Apocalyptic Love rug will be displayed in SLASH's new recording studio in L.A. It is 5'x7' and hand-knotted in wool, bamboo silk and hemp.