In collaboration with ATTIC GOLD (2016)

ATTIC is a bespoke jewelry design company based out of Guelph Ontario. Their beautiful contemporary take on jewelry design is a refreshing perspective, and they create absolutely stunning gold infused collections.

We were happy to reconnect with Susan Shaw, co-founder of ATTIC, on a chance meeting in Roncesvalles in Toronto. YVAN + ROBYN, co-founders of TOTEM, were looking for a jewelry designer to create a bespoke engagement ring, and conveniently enough Susan had just opened up her own amazing shop. 

After some meetings over coffee the two young companies enthusiastically decided to create a 'rug inspired by rings' in exchange for a 'ring inspired by rugs'. ATTIC is currently in the works of designing a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for YVAN + ROBYN, while TOTEM creates a rock inspired, gold silk embellished, hand-knotted Totem Rug for ATTIC's studio.