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Designing an interactive mural spanning 16' long and 8' high, TOTEM DESIGN CO. creates the Woven Space installation which exhibits thousands of different coloured 'carpet poms'. Carpet poms are what our TDC rug designers use to select the colours for each bespoke Totem Rug. These ‘poms’ are like little fibre pixels, and come in all types of yarn like wool, bamboo silk and viscose. There are also specific colour codes attached to each one of them. These colourful 'carpet poms' are literally the PANTONE system for rug design, and we use them everyday as our most important tool when designing bespoke Totem Rugs. The installation is fully interactive and we encourage people to move the 'carpet poms' around and create new exciting patterns with them! The Fibre Pixel Wall will be up in the stairwell of the Gladstone Hotel for the next month, so be sure to drop by and create a pattern!

Once you make your pattern post it on instagram and tag #POMPAINTINGS so we can see what you've created!

Come Up to My Room (CUTMR) is the Gladstone Hotel’s annual 4-day alternative design exhibition. Each year CUTMR provides artists and designers the opportunity to take risks, to push their ideas, to evoke meaning not just function. Come Up to My Room was conceived in 2004 by Christina Zeidler and Pamila Matharu as a vehicle for experimentation and interaction within the fields of art and design. Acting as counterpoint to the Interior Design Show (IDS) and giving rise to the more recent Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO), CUTMR has since become a cornerstone of the Toronto alternative design scene. Over the years, CUTMR has featured the work of hundreds of artists and designers from Canada and abroad, and continuously challenged participants to push their everyday practice by offering a blank canvas upon which to explore new themes and ways of working.


We Love to Collaborate

Our goal is to make rug design more accessible to emerging and established talent. At Totem we consider rugs to be 'maps of time' and we work to collaborate with like-minds from many disciplines, so the 'spirit of our time' can be captured in our contemporary rug collections. 

We specialize in bespoke rug design, however, we also collaborate with people in other creative fields including textile design, interior styling, installation art, graphic design and creative direction.

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Our Bespoke Services

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At Totem we offer a unique custom rug design service to both the trade and the public. Our goal is to push boundaries in rug design and create works of art that will stand the test of time. You can select a design from our Catalogue and customize the size and colours, or we can design you something completely unique. We work with you so your budget is met and your Totem textiles exceed your expectations. There are many different ways to make a rug and the process is a fun rewarding one. Please contact us and we can arrange for a consultation at your home or office.

Selected Examples Of Our Custom Work

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We applied the beautiful colours of autumn to this custom Prayer Rug designed by Robyn Waffle. Hand-knotted in wool and silk, this rug is one-of-kind and will never be duplicated; a true heirloom.

We can inlay any of our designs into your room of choice, so you really get a feel for what the finished rug will look like. This is a custom piece we are working on for A T T I C Jewelry's studio in Guelph Ontario. Read more about our collaboration with A T T I C ...

Designed for the one and only SLASH from Guns and Roses, this Apocalyptic Love Rug is an incredibly detailed hand-knotted piece made from Wool, Bamboo and Hemp. Read more about our collaboration with SLASH ...

New Handmade Throw-Pillows

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We build things, design luxury handmade accessories and collaborate with like-minds. We harmonize craftsmanship and logic with art and passion. We are a design duo. Hunting and gathering worldly treasures, we work together to create a beautiful contemporary world.

We specialize in bespoke rug and textile design while we feature selected handmade accessories and contemporary artwork. All of our products are handmade with care and designed in Canada.

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